BEFORE you submit a ticket

  1. Please make sure WordPress, BuddyPress, your theme and all plugins are updated.
  2. If you are not an advanced user completely remove all caching plugins.
  3. Try disabling all non-essential plugins. Then systematically enable them until you find the conflict.
  4. Try switching the to default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen. If you still have the issue it could be a WordPress or BuddyPress issue.
  5. Search, the answer may be in our help desk, it may also be easily searchable in Google!
  6. Be specific, provide as many details as you can that will help us in replicating your issue. Images are always welcome and is the greatest help in explaining your issue.
  7. Take a deep breath, web development can be frustrating. We would ask everyone to treat support technicians as you would like to be treated.
  8. Don't forget to send us a link to your site.
  9. If your site is private please send us the password.
  10. Constant ticket updates lengthen the time it takes to respond to you and resolve your issue. Tickets are responded to in the order of the last update. Every update moves your ticket to the bottom of the queue.
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