By default, we don’t have an option yet on our platform that can achieve this, and implementing it requires custom work.

As a workaround, we can provide this function below:

// The “login_headerurl” filter is used to filter the URL of the logo on the WordPress login page.
// By default, this logo links to the WordPress site.
function crunchify_login_link() {

// Change Logo link if you want user to redirect to other link.

return home_url();

This will need to add in the functions.php file under the active theme. 

1. Go to Appearance > Theme Editor.

2. Under “Select theme to edit”, choose (BuddyBoss Child/whatever theme is active), then click “Select”.

3. Below Theme Files, select Theme Functions (functions.php).

4. Append the code just before the closing PHP tag “?>”:

5. Click “Update File” to save the changes.