The most common reason why the Location AutoComplete plugin is not working is as follows;

Note: Billing should be enabled on the Google Console Project you plan to add a Google Maps Places API key
NOTE: Location AutoComplete will only work on the desktop and will not work in the app

As per Google:

To use the Places API, you must enable billing on each of your projects and include an API key with all API or SDK requests.

API key restrictions are now being enforced for the Places Library, Maps JavaScript API, effective September 16, 2019. If you have applied API restrictions to the API keys used with Places Library, and Maps JavaScript API and have not selected both Places API and Maps JavaScript API in your API restrictions list, you will begin to receive errors.

These are the required Libraries to make the API for Location AutoComplete work:

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Directions API
  • Distance Matrix API
  • Geocoding API
  • Maps Elevation API
  • Maps Embed API
  • Places API

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