Some clients may wish to use their app for community and courses but opt-out from using IAP and sell their subscription directly on their website.

This would be categorized as a Reader App. In Apple’s eyes; Reader Apps allow users to browse previously purchased content or content subscriptions for digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, and video, etc. [source] Netflix for example, is a good example of a reader app.


  • You can configure this directly through  BuddyBoss App > Integrations > LearnDash > Enable Reader App Compatibility.

For the BuddyBoss App, enabling reader app compatibility forces all users to only see the course they’ve purchased on the site. You cannot purchase them via the app directly, nor can you be prompted to purchase any. 

There is NO evidence that Apple won’t approve a “reader app” if it has social features. It’s not in their official guidelines, it’s not documented anywhere in their terms. But they are purposefully vague about what they consider to be a “promotion of alternative payment methods” so that their review team can use their discretion to decide whether your app passes the criteria.

BuddyBoss has specific “reader app compatibility” features built in to help make the process easier but each app is reviewed by the app stores on a case-by-case basis so it’s impossible for our publishing team to confidently give hard and fast rules for reader app approval.