If you cannot install the test app on your Apple device with the error: The integrity of the app can’t be determined cant be installed. Most likely your device is not listed on the app’s profile.


Step 1. Check if the BuddyBoss plugin is connected to the Apple Developer account under BuddyBoss App > Configure > iOS settings.

Step 2. On the same page, scroll down to Provisioning Profiles and make sure the “Automatically generate provisioning profiles” option is enabled or the next steps will not work.

If there’s an existing provisioning profile or the device’s UDID is added to the list already but the client is still unable to install the test app on their device, just generate a new profile. It has no impact at all.

Step 3. Add the device’s UDID. Go to BuddyBoss App > Configure > iOS Devices. Note: Changes on this page will require a new iOS build.

Step 4. Once done, submit a new build. Go to BuddyBoss App > Build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8HJY_3Rs1U&t=2s