BuddyBoss App Plugin

These are the settings and features which you can customize. The colors and menu, whether you have Privacy mode on or not, most of the BuddyBoss App - Settings fall under the plugin area.

Any updates/changes to the plugin are immediately reflected within the App. So for example you can change your menu order. Re-open the app and it will update.

If we update our plugin features, or the customer wants to change them – it does not require a rebuild

BuddyBoss App

This is our code taken when you ‘build the app’ from our Build Servers. This is the base of every app, all of our apps use the same core code but every user has specific hard-coded settings inside it. Any changes to the codebase require a rebuild – as it’s hard-coded into the app file.

If the app core code changes, we have to rebuild to see the change.

If you have an app already released on the app store, you can change settings within the ‘app plugin’ and it would still work without needing to be re-built/app-store updated.

Is a New Build Needed if the App is Updated to a New Version?

There are two types of BuddyBoss updates:

BuddyBoss App plugin update

BuddyBoss App update (Native code)

If the update is the BuddyBoss App plugin update, just updating the plugin from the Plugins section of the WordPress dashboard will be fine.

If the update is regarding the BuddyBoss App Native code update, a new build needs to be requested to see the changes.

BuddyBoss App plugin update will have a regular plugin update notification and BuddyBoss App update will show like Notice in the backend.