Optimization of our BuddyBoss platform and theme is one of our focuses. There have been a lot of improvements already ever since we started the BuddyBoss Theme and BuddyBoss Platform. We know that this might not be enough for some of our users, but rest assured that we are working continuously on making our products faster and more efficient. You will notice performance improvement on every product update.

Please note that the BuddyBoss Theme and Platform is complex software and not a simple theme. With users interacting, you need a solid server to handle all the DB queries.

We recommend VPS Hosting or better – Social communities to increase server resource load with each concurrently logged-in user. Shared hosting will provide a very slow experience.

Kindly check also our hosting recommendations and server requirements at the following link:



You may also want to try the following caching plugin that will help you adapt the cache settings seamlessly to optimize your website and improve the overall performance of the website:


Please note that the plugins we have tested or provided a special integration with are listed here: https://www.buddyboss.com/integrations/

We also recommend that you only enable the object caching and disable other caching systems such as page, browser, and varnish caching, you may contact your hosting to assist you regarding this. For more information please refer to this link:


Below are also the things that can help you to improve your overall site performance further:

  • Enable persistent object caching. This will reduce the database server request and load. You may contact your hosting to activate this on your site.
  • Compress your images, and minify your assets such as CSS and JS files, you can use also third-party plugins to achieve this
  • Remove other unnecessary plugins (_inactive ones_) if not needed. It will help with your site performance by clearing up some memory space.