We do have cookies in BuddyBoss to track things on our own website for the purpose of marketing, re-targeting, etc, but that is not added to the products.

The cookies we add to our product are functional cookies and are required for basic functionality.

Some examples of things that require cookies are:

– session data, to know that you are logged in, etc

– if you last selected grid or list view on directories

– if you last selected BuddyPanel (side panel) as an open or shut state

– if you last selected LearnDash course layout as an expanded or collapsed state

These cookies are required for the product to work in the most basic sense and are not collecting sensitive personal data. Also, this data is for your website and is not sent back to us. We do not track what your own users are doing on your website.

There is just one piece of data from your website that is communicated back to our server. We check whether or not your license key is valid, in order to determine if we can allow theme updates. This also is not related to your users, it’s just validating your own activation key and email against your purchase order in our system.