Dynamic User Profile Links

Let’s say you wanted to create a link or a button on your site whether it be a link in a blog or a button on a widget, whatever the case, and you would like that button or link to direct a user to his or her profile or message inbox etc.. See the outlined widget in the image below that is set to encourage a user to invite others to sign up and the button directs the user to his or her invite tab within their profile…

The Link..

Ok so how do we go about doing this… So using the example above I will display the link behind the button above;


1.https://www.MyDomainName.com  2./members  3./me   4./invites

Let's break this down into steps;

  1. www.MyDomainName.com - this is your domain.

  2. /members this is the page title set by default by Buddyboss, if you have translated this page then use the new translated name here, this can be found by navigating to your members page and then just copying the link.

  3. /me/ - by adding /me/ this tells wordpress that we want to navigate to the logged in users page only.

  4. /Invites again this is the page name of the page you would like to navigate and is the default buddyboss name. If you want to change this to navigate to /groups, /profile, /forum /photos etc then this will navigate to the logged in users my groups or my profile, and wordpress knows this as we stated /me/ in the url.

Note: Any modifications are considered as custom work already. Know more about our Support Policy here: https://www.buddyboss.com/support-policy/