In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload your new app build and submit it to Apple for review.

Create a new iOS Release App build

First, follow these steps to create your new iOS Release App build: 

  1. Log into your WordPress admin.
  2. Navigate to BuddyBoss App > Build.
  3. Click Request Build.
  4. Select iOS as the Platform, and Release App as the Build Type.
  5. Click Next Step, and then review the information for the build and then click Send Build Request.
  6. Once the build completes, go to Build History.
  7. Click the button on the completed release build to Download IPA File.
  8. Save the IPA file to your computer. You will use it in the next steps.

Uploading your latest build to App Store Connect

Next, you will need to upload your build to App Store Connect. 

If you have configured your Upload Configuration, you can quickly upload the latest version of the app directly from the BuddyBoss App dashboard. You can view our documentation about Uploading iOS Builds to App Store Connect for a more in-depth tutorial.

Follow these steps to upload a build:

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to BuddyBoss App > Upload > Apple App Store.
  2. Select the iOS Release App build to upload to App Store Connect.
    You can only upload the following types of builds:
  • iOS Release App builds.

  • Builds that have not already been uploaded to App Store Connect.

  • Builds that have a build version and build version code higher than any other build uploaded to App Store Connect.

  1. Click Upload Build.

Uploading the latest build to App Store Connect

Your upload will be completed within 15 minutes. You can check the status at any time on the Upload History page in your WordPress admin.

Note: You must have your Upload Configuration setup (via BuddyBoss App > Configure > iOS Settings) to upload the app build directly from your BuddyBoss App Build dashboard.

Resubmit to Apple for Review

Remember, the App Review process is a lot quicker for updated releases as compared to a first-time app release.

To resubmit your iOS app for a review: 

  1. Log into App Store Connect.

  2. Click My Apps, and then click on your app to which you want to add the latest iOS build.

  3. In the sidebar, click the + symbol to create and submit a new app version. 

This will be the version you prepared whilst completing the Apple App Store Publishing Checklist

  1. In the General tab, enter the details about the new app version such as what's new in this version of your app, such as new features, improvements, and bug fixes. 

  2. Add the previews and screenshots, etc.
    If you wish to change any screenshots or app details, you have to do this on new app version submissions. (Optional)

  3. Review sign-in information for the review information.

  4. Click Save and then the Submit for Review button.

  5. After you submit the app, the app status changes to Waiting for Review. When the review process starts, the app status changes to In Review.