At this time, only German, Hungarian, Bengali and French are the available language files for the BuddyBoss Platform and Theme. This means BuddyBoss will be automatically translated when the site language is changed to the mentioned languages without the need for a third-party plugin such as Loco Translate.

When editing Loco Translate you want to choose system option so that your language changes do not get overridden back to default when you update the Buddyboss plugins there after.

After you have installed the Loco Translate plugin follow these steps:

Navigate to Loco Translate - Plugins and find the Buddyboss plugin. You can use the search box to help you if you have lots to go through as you can see in the image.

You will see the already supported translations and can click into which ever you are looking to alter. If you are choosing to add another language you will need to select the 'New Language' button.

Adding a New Language you will see from the image below I am choosing to add English (United States).. By doing this I can change the wording as I please for example I might want to translate the existing wording 'Blog Post' to 'Magazine Article'. 

As mentioned so that your translation changes save correctly at this point you want to change the location option to 'System'.

Click 'Start Translating'

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