Reason for app rejection: Guideline 2.1 - Performance > App Completeness

We have started the review of your app, but we are not able to continue because we need additional information about your app.

Next Steps

To help us proceed with the review of your app, please review the following questions and provide as much detailed information as you can.

- Does your app access any paid content or services?

- What are the paid content or services?

- Do individual customers pay for the content or services?

- If no, does a company or organization pay for the content or services?

- Where do they pay, and what's the payment method?

- If users create an account to use your app, are there fees involved?

- How do users obtain an account?

What does it mean?

Apple is seeking detailed information for your app.

How to resolve it? 

Provide answers to these questions by replying to Apple's message.

Do I need to generate a new build?