Reason for app rejection: Guideline 2.1 - Performance > App Completeness

We have started our review, but we need additional information to continue. Specifically, it appears your app accesses or includes paid digital content or services, and we want to understand your business model before completing our review.

Next Steps

Please review the following questions and provide as much detailed information about your business model as you can.

1. Who are the users that will use the paid content and subscriptions in the app?

2. Where can users purchase the content and subscriptions that can be accessed in the app?

3. What specific types of previously purchased content and subscriptions can a user access in the app?

4. What paid content, subscriptions, or features are unlocked within your app that do not use in-app purchase?

5. How do users obtain an account? Do users have to pay a fee to create an account?"

What does it mean?

Apple is seeking additional information about your business model.

How to resolve it? 

Provide answers to these questions by replying to Apple's message.

Do I need to generate a new build?