Reason for app rejection: Guideline 3.1.1 - Business > Payments > In-App Purchase

We noticed that your app includes or accesses paid digital content, services, or functionality by means other than in-app purchase, which is not appropriate for the App Store. 


  • Your app accesses digital content purchased outside the app, such as digital courses, but that content isn't available to purchase using in-app purchases. 

Next Steps

The paid digital content, services, or subscriptions included in or accessed by your app must be available for purchase using in-app purchase. 

Apps that offer paid digital services and content across multiple platforms may allow customers to access the content they acquired outside the app as long as it is also available for purchase using in-app purchases. See Guideline 3.1.3(b) Multiplatform Services for more information. 

If you have any additional information to provide regarding the digital content and services in your app and how the guidelines apply to them, please reply to this message in Resolution Center and let us know. If there is information you'd like us to consider in our review of future submissions, please feel free to include it in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect. 

What does it mean?

Meaning: Digital content such as Digital gift cards, certificates, vouchers, coupons, loot boxes, courses memberships tiers, credits or reward points must be bought through in-app purchases from within the app and not directed to another source of payment such as your website.

You can allow users to purchase digital goods from another source such as your website to be used in your app as long as you have not encouraged this by means of advertising or linking to said means of payment within the app.

If you have a digital certificate that is then printed and sent to your customer, this then counts as a physical product and in which case you do not have to have an in-app purchase and can link the customer to other means of payment.

How to resolve it? 

Make your digital products (courses, subscriptions, etc.) available for purchase via in-app purchases.

  1. How to use In-app purchases in BuddyBoss App:
  2. How to set up iOS in-app products:

Once you’re done setting up your product(s) (on both BuddyBoss and App Store) you’ll have to generate a new build, and resubmit your app with the new build attached for App Store Review.

Do I need to generate a new build?