Reason for app rejection: Issue: About the User Generated Content (UGC) policy 

Apps that contain or feature UGC must:

-Implement robust, effective and ongoing UGC moderation, as is reasonable and consistent with the type(s) of UGC hosted by the app;

-In the case of live-streaming apps, objectionable UGC must be removed as close to real-time as reasonably possible;

-In the case of augmented reality (AR) apps, UGC moderation (including the in-app reporting system) must account for both objectionable AR UGC (e.g. a sexually explicit AR image) and sensitive AR anchoring location (e.g. AR content anchored to a restricted area, such as a military base, or a private property where AR anchoring may cause issues for the property owner);"

What does it mean?

How to resolve it? 

  1. Reporting comments and blocking users should be enabled from the website back-end
  2. Make sure that the content moderation threshold has been set to the minimum (1) which the client can set back to any number once the app has been approved. To do this, go to the Buddyboss Platform > Components > Moderation > Settings. Then set all the threshold to 1.
  3. Once applied, generate a new build, upload to Console, and submit the app again for Google Review.

Do I need to generate a new build?