App Store Server Notifications provide information about key events related to your in-app purchases, such as changes to a subscription’s status or the refund of an in-app purchase. In order to receive these notifications from the App Store, you must provide a URL in App Store Connect that links to your server. 

To configure the App Store Server Notifications URL:

  1. Log in to App Store Connect.
  2. Click My Apps and then select your app.
  3. Under General, click App Information.
  4. Scroll down to General Information, then go to App Store Server Notifications
  5. Insert the App Store Server Notifications URL.
    The URL format should be <siteurl>?ios_s2s_notification=1 replacing <siteurl> with the root URL to your website.

  1. Click Save.

This is how it should look in your App Store Server Notifications section.

Configuring App Store Server Notifications URL


  • If you get the following error, check if you are missing the trailing forward slash at the end (/).

  • If you’re not seeing the Notification Server section on your Apple Developer Account, create your first In-App Subscription.

  • If you are running a release app and a test app, you will have to number the URLs as seen in the screenshot above. For example:

    • Product Server URL: <siteurl>?ios_s2s_notification=1/

    • Sandbox Server URL: <siteurl>?ios_s2s_notification=2/

  • Finally, if you’re not using In-App Purchases (IAP) - disable the BuddyBoss App Component via WordPress Dashboard > BuddyBoss App > Components > In-App Purchases.