The parent theme is the theme we’ll usually refer to when talking about WordPress themes. It’s the main theme that provides and handles all the features, functionalities, and styles. A parent theme doesn’t need a child theme to work, while the opposite isn’t true.

A child theme, on the other hand, works as an additional layer on top of the parent theme. It allows your developer to tweak, add, remove an existing WordPress theme without worrying about losing your customizations. Child themes require a parent theme to properly work because they inherit part of their files.

Why Use a WordPress Child Theme?

  • Safe Updates: Because you never modify the parent theme, you can safely update it when a new version arrives. All of your customizations are saved in the child theme.
  • Easy to Extend: A child theme built on a powerful theme framework allows a great deal of flexibility without writing a lot of code. You only need to modify the template files and functions that you wish to customize.