Other BuddyBoss Plugins and Themes

If you are no longer using any of the products purchased from BuddyBoss and wish to deactivate them so that they will no longer renew, this is how you can do that.

You will want to navigate to your buddyboss.com online account and login, then navigate to your 'My Account'.

Once in your account, you notice on the left hand side panel 'Themes & Plugins' which you will want to select.

Now you will see all your Buddyboss purchases. You will notice on the far right of each product is a toggle switch for Auto Renew you will want to make sure this is toggled off and showing grey as per the magnified toggle image below.

That's it. The product subscription will run out its time left until next renewal at which point the license key will deactivate.

You still have full use of the product including support and product updates even if you turn auto renew off, up until the next renewal date when the license deactivates.

If you choose to re-purchase the product after the deactivation period you will subscribe to the current price at the date of re-purchase.

Moving Your License to a Different Website

If you want to deactivate/disable the product license key from one website and reactivate it to your other website, go to Subscriptions > Themes & Plugins on your BuddyBoss account then click Deactivate next to the website/URL. 

Once done, go to your other website's admin dashboard > BuddyBoss > License Keys to activate your product license key. 

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On the same page, you can enable/disable the Auto-Renewal of your product subscription.

BuddyBoss App

To deactivate or disconnect your BuddyBoss App ID and App Key, on your BuddyBoss account, go to Subscriptions > Apps > Manage > then on the pop-up, click Disconnect

Once done, you may now activate your BuddyBoss App ID and App key on your other website under BuddyBoss App > Connect

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On the same page, you can enable/disable the Auto-Renewal of your product subscription.