Build Error Code: E012

Build Error Message: Custom Git repo is misconfigured. Please check the Repository URL and Access Token settings at Also, check package.json file in the Git repo.

How to resolve it?

You need to have access to Developer Access to configure the Git repository for your BuddyBoss App.

E012 - Access to custom development

Step 1: Connect your Git repository

We connect a Git repository to your BuddyBoss App so that your code changes can be automatically merged into your release app and test app builds. This feature is only available if you have purchased a plan that includes Developer Access.

The first step is to add your Repository information in your account area. Under Apps, click Manage on the app you want to connect to your Git repo. The settings you enter will depend on where your Git repo is hosted. Once these settings have been configured, you will be able to select which branches from your repo should be merged into your release apps and test apps from your plugin settings.

To configure GitLHub:

  1. At, set the Provider to GitHub.
  2. Enter the Repository URL in this format:
  3. Create an Access Token at GitHub:
    1. Go to Settings > Developer settings > Personal access tokens.
    2. Click Generate new token.
    3. For Scope, select repo.
    4. Save, and paste the Access Token back at

To configure GitLab:

  1. At, set the Provider to GitLab.
  2. Enter the Repository URL in this format:
  3. Create an Access Token at GitLab:
    1. Click on your user profile menu, and go to Preferences > Access Tokens.
    2. Go to Add a personal access token.
    3. For Scopes, select read_api and read_repository.
    4. Save, and paste the Access Token back at

Step 2: Set up your Git repository

Before you can deploy code to your app, you will need to create a Git repo at GitHub or GitLab, and then connect the Git repository to your BuddyBoss account so it can be merged into future builds. This is the repo that will be used for custom code changes in the app.

In the BuddyBoss Github, we have created a starter custom code template repo to get you started. You can either clone this repo, or download it and then copy the files into your existing repo. The files in this repo provide a basic framework for setting up your custom app code, which will all be written in React Native. Most of our app development tutorials assume you have already cloned or copied the custom code template into your repo.

Note: Make sure you either clone or download and copy this custom code template into your existing repo after setting up your Git repository.

You should add your code into index.js, and you can reference example.js for some code examples. Note that index.js can import as many other files as you want. See our Extending the App tutorials for more information about how to write code for the app.

If the above steps do not fix the issue, try deleting the current Provisioning Profile and building a new one.

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