The BuddyBoss Developer Tools provide you with the necessary access to extend and modify the BuddyBoss Mobile App with native code in your own repository. In this article, we are going to outline what CAN vs CANNOT be completed with Custom Development in your apps.

App Codex

The BuddyBoss App Codex is an online manual for the BuddyBoss App and a growing library of information to support your custom development.

BuddyBoss provides you with all the existing hooks, which can be used to customize the app. The Hooks API allows you to “hook” into and replace the output of core app code by calling methods of already instantiated classes.

Note: If you have purchased developer access for the BuddyBoss App, you can use this codex to customize and extend the look and functionality of your app with your own React Native code. 

For example, if you want to replace the LoginScreen with an entirely new screen, you will apply the replaceScreenComponent method and place it in the navigation stack against a route. Here’s a tutorial on how to create new screens for your BuddyBoss App.

Source Code Access

We cannot provide you access to our source code, however, you can build your own code to change the components using hooks, and your code will be merged into your app build. 

Files and Permissions

The JavaScript files for iOS and Android are separate. You can use hooks to communicate with the JavaScript files for both platforms and customize your app.

App permissions via files and code cannot be changed due to privacy & security reasons.

Custom Libraries and Importing SDKs 

Currently, we only support specific libraries and don’t allow installation of new libraries. You can see a full list of our current App Dependencies on the App Codex.

Note: We'll have the option where you have the ability to import your own SDK libraries in the future.

Build and Project Files: 

Build and project files for iOS and Android files are separate.  The custom codes you build are automatically included when your iOS & Android app builds are generated.


Where can I learn how to develop for the BuddyBoss App?

We provide several tools for you to extend and customize your BuddyBoss App. Please refer to our App Development tutorials to learn how to set up your development environment, and write custom code to extend your BuddyBoss App.

I’m unable to find a hook, how can I add one? 

You can request a new hook by submitting a support ticket to the Custom Development Team.

I need a new feature, can you build it for me?

Our Agency team are taking on new projects for Custom Development, whether this is extending an existing feature or building an entirely new component. By working with our agency, you’re working with members of the team who directly helped build the BuddyBoss App.

If our agency is not suitable for your request, you can always reach out to third-party developers. While there are many places for this, we recommend Codeable.  

I purchased the Done For You Service, will they customise the App for me?

As outlined by the Done For You Scope, this service is specifically designed to remove as many tasks from you as possible to create and launch your App. This includes App Rebranding, Implementation of the App and preparing your App Store Graphics.

No custom development is provided as part of this service.