Access Control

Our Buddyboss App Access Controls is our step into providing you with controls that your membership plugins do for you on your website.

Access Controls dig down to really granular control options for your app. You can control what your members do by Role, Profile Type, Membership plugin members and more.

For Access Controls navigate to your wordpress admin Buddyboss App - Access Control

To help grasp how to setup access controls as this can get hectic if you have a lot going on then if you follow these simple steps this will help you manage your settings:

  1. Create a Group

  2. Allocate the Group when setting a control.

As an example to break this down a little more for more understanding here is an example:

Let's say you want to create multiple menus in your app; Menu 1 will be for Teacher profile type and Menu 2 will be for Student profile type. If a teacher opens the app they will see a different menu from when students open the app.

  1. Create Group 1- Condition - Profile Type - Teacher.

  2. Create Group 2 - Condition - Profile Type - Student.

Now in Buddyboss App - Menu you will notice a ‘Create New Menu’ option

Name your new Menu ‘Teacher’ and select the Teacher Access Group you created, now you can go ahead and start adding the ‘Menu Tabs’ you want teachers to have!

Follow the same steps again for ‘Students’ menu and there you have it..

For more information please watch our tutorials below to get a better understanding of how to use Access Controls further.

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