Android Test App

Buddyboss App - Builds - Request Build

Select which platform you are choosing to do your test build for this you want to choose Android  and then select ‘Test app’.

You will then be directed to a overview page where you can see an overview of the app with a blue button in the top right ‘Send Build Request’.

This can take up to an hour depending on the size of your setup but this is a good time to grab a coffee…

Some time later…

To check your build status of any build you can visit Buddyboss app - builds you will notice each card represent different build attempts within each card you will notice certain information for your reference such as;

  1. Build number

  2. Status

  3. Platform type

  4. Test or Release build

  5. Date of the build 

  6. Build number.

  7. Download/Install Button

Now to test your app on your Android device as long as the card has a green completed status you can click the ‘Install Test App’

A QR code will pop up, you want to scan this with any android device of your choice.

Note: you can share this QR code with as many test users or colleagues as you please.

This will direct your mobile device to a download page;

Select download application, Agree to the install and thats it the application will have downloaded on to your device where you will engage and login to your build exactly how you have set it up in the setting. This is where you will play with your test app to understand the flow of the colors and figure out what needs to be added and what needs to be removed.

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