App Registration Setup

Allowing new users to register an account on your platform after downloading your mobile app is a straightforward process, follow the steps below;

Step 1

Navigate to Wordpress Admin - Buddyboss - Settings - General scroll down to the Registration section and make sure you have selected the option to allow non members  to create new accounts.

This seems like an odd option to have but you have to bear in mind some customers use our platform for business internal tools or if club memberships that is managed by an admin…

Step 2

Navigate to Wordpress Admin - Buddyboss App - Settings - General the first option is the Registration section and make sure you have selected the option to Allow registering a new account from within the app.

You will also notice the option to select a Registration Form the Buddyboss registration for will show all the profile fields you have set up in Buddyboss - Profile - Profile Fields sign up field set.

Also with the Buddyboss registration in the app you benefit from the built in 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) feature, instead of those that register on your website if you are running a website that authenticates via email verification.

The second option of using the Wordpress Registration just provides the wordpress basic fields fields of username - email and password.

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