Push Notifications

Push notification are the notifications you get on your phone for when you receive a message for example, which is an automated notification and the second feature is manual push notifications which is the notification that you would receive on your phone for a message for example except with a manual notification you can change it to say what you want and when clicked to go to a specific post, page or product in your app.

This is a great feature for keeping your audience engaged and a great way to promote your products.

Push notifications uses the Google Firebase platform to perform these actions and is why it is part of your onboarding and academy setup at the beginning.

To get started you want to navigate to your Wordpress admin - buddyboss app - push notifications.


Notification Sending Options

Schedule -  Once you have filled out notification with the title, description and link, you then get the option to schedule the notification for a set date which is great if your running a campaign attached to a new product.

Members - Again like the scheduling option if you are running a campaign for a specific product that might only pertain to specific users on your platform you can filter to which members you want to push the notifications out to if you so wish.

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Make sure to configure your Google Firebase account.

For developers, view our tutorials on how to create your own automatic push notifications and how to add your own segment filters to push notifications.