Configuring Your iOS App

This part is so that you can start creating test and release builds and connecting your in-app purchase products set up in your Apple developer account to your Buddyboss account.


  1. Created an Apple Developer Account

  2. Connected Your Apple Developer Account to Buddyboss App Plugin.

Step 1

Create Bundle ID

Bundle IDs are the Unique name you give your app so that Apple knows which is your app is yours amongst the millions in the app store (Like a hidden serial number that identifies your phone)… Nevertheless you can't just name it anything you want, for a really unique name Apple prefers you to use your domain in reverse.

So if your domain was and your app is called Oranges then add your app name.

Your Bundle ID would look like this: com.fruit.oranges

You need to create 2 Bundle IDs, one for your release app that will inevitably go live to the app store and the second so you can run test apps for your local devices.

Your test Bundle ID can look like this com.fruit.oranges.test or com.fruit.orangestest it's completely up to you but it has to be one of the above formats.

To do this you need to head over to your Apple Developer portal and login

Select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles - Identifiers 

Select the + button next to Identifiers.

Leave the option ‘App ID’ selected and just press continue.


Select App - Continue

Add description which is for your benefit to manage your Identifiers so name it what you want, then this is where you add your Bundle ID as mentioned above.

Select 3 Capabilities:

  1. Associated Domains ( for your universal links )

  2. Push Notifications

  3. Sign in with Apple

Then select continue & Register - this Bundle ID is now created.

Repeat this process again for your test Bundle ID.

Step 2

Adding Your Bundle ID to Buddyboss

Now you can register the Bundle IDs into your Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Settings

Scroll down to Bundle IDs, Instead of refreshing your page if you already had it open you can click ‘Refresh Bundle IDs’. Now you can select from the drop down the Bundle IDs you created.

Scroll Down to Select Save.

Step 3

Signing Certificates

Now you need to create a Signing Certificate. This is tricky so we have created a simple solution to allow the Buddyboss App Plugin to do this for you!

Beneath Bundle ID you will notice an option for Signing Certificate.

The first option is to Automatically Generate Signing Certificate if you check that box and then select Save these fields will be automatically populated.

Step 4

Provisioning Profiles

Again we have thought of this also and created the same option as Signing Certificates with an Automatically Generate Provisioning Profiles. You can do this yourself manually if you know what you are doing but we still recommend using the Automated option we provide.

Provisioning profiles creates the link between your developer account and your iOS device.

Step 5

Create your app in Apple Connect Account.

Sign in with the same login you created when setting up your Developer account. 

Select the + button - ‘New App’ and create your first App.

Fill out the popup form, for the SKU just make it up!  and select create. 

Effectively your first app is created. Ignore the fact there is no App Icon that will be picked up from your first release build upload.

You will also be required to fill out the app store details and again this part is part of the publishing checklist we provide.

Step 6

Connect App to your buddyboss app account. For this you need the app you just created Apple ID and then paste it into the buddyboss plugin.

To find your Apple ID for your app, Select ‘App Information’ and you will see the Apple ID. Copy it!

Go to your wordpress admin Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Settings scroll down to App Information Paste your Apple ID in and Save.

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