Connecting Vimeo to Buddyboss

Why Use Vimeo?

There are many content creation and video storage systems and companies out there that you may have looked into using from YouTube to Whistia which work within the Buddyboss environment.

When it comes down to providing your video content that you have created for your LMS (learning management system) such as LearnDash which is known at the moment as the big boys of the LMS world in Wordpress then you have again many options that allow you to do this securely. Securely is the important word here as you do not want your content shared freely especially if it is part of your monetized strategy such as running memberships or selling course content individually…

That in mind means we had to pick, and as you can imagine we can not integrate with all of them as that would take a lot of resources and time… Vimeo is again the big player in this market that provides you the security for your content.

Once you have created your account which allows you to start creating and uploading existing videos you have the options within Buddyboss App Pages to start embedding them using our native vimeo block which is great for caching your content to make your platform faster…

Vimeo Developer Account

If you want to add the Offline Mode for your customers to be able to download your LearnDash content and still be able to complete your courses when they do not have access to wifi or cell data then you need to integrate vimeo with buddyboss.

You will find this option by navigating to Buddyboss App - Integrations - Vimeo in your wordpress environment, and you will see you have to input a Vimeo Authentication Code.

The Vimeo authentication code enables you to use offline mode within the LearnDash integration for all your Vimeo videos.

Note: Offline Mode with Vimeo only works with a Vimeo Pro account.

To create the Vimeo pro / developer account;

  1. Go to and log in with your Vimeo account. 

  2. Go to My Apps tab and then click Create New App or click the New App button.

Your page will look like this;

Create an app for BuddyBoss App with your app name for reference.

  1. Fill in the three required fields (App name, App description and App access) and then click the Create App button.

NOTE: The information you add here is for your information only and is there to help you stay organized if you have multiple apps you are connecting all your video content to and is not vital to the working of the code you will receive on the next step.


  1. Once created, Select Authentication on the left menu bar or scroll to the Authentication tab.

    1. Click the Authenticated (you) radio button, mark the scopes checkboxes – Private and Video Files.

    2. Click the Generate button.

Generate access token

Note: You need a Vimeo Pro (or higher) account for the authentication code to work on your website for offline mode.

  1. Copy the generated access token to your clipboard.

Generated access token for the app

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > BuddyBoss App > Integrations > Vimeo and paste the access token in the Vimeo Authentication Code textbox.

Vimeo Authentication Code

  1. Click the Save changes button.