Push Notifications

There are 2 types of push notifications your platform performs.

Transactional notifications that your users will receive such as if a member @mentions another member then the recipient will receive a notification for this automatically sent out by your platform administrator email address, unless the member has chosen not to receive these notifications and has turned them off manually in their platform or app notification settings.

You can find this setting by navigating to Buddyboss - Settings - Notifications

Manual Push Notifications on the other hand are notifications that you as the admin can send out as and when you please… This is a great feature if for example you have released a new course within your LMS and want a notification to go out to all your users notifying them of said course and be directed to that course when clicking on the notification.

The other great feature built into the Push Notification functionality is the ability to schedule notifications and to filter which of your members you want the notification to go out to…

You can find this setting by navigating to Buddyboss App - Push Notifications

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