Private or Public App

As a default the same as if you are using the Buddyboss theme the website is open to the public to browse and then if a guest user tries to interact or view particular pages and posts they are then required to either login or register on your platform.

The App as default works the same way allowing guest users to download and enter your app to see the content but then be required to login or register if they then try to interact.

You can change this so that when a user downloads the App they are forced on launching your app to login and register without the option of viewing content making your app private.

NOTE: The privacy options on the platform differ to the privacy options in the app so you have the option to allow your website to be viewable by guests and the app be private or vise versa.

Locating the Settings

Navigate to your wordpress admin dashboard Buddyboss App - Settings scroll down to the Privacy option.

Tick the checkbox Restrict app access to only logged-in members to restrict the app.