Install And Connect Your Buddyboss App

Ok so let's get started so you can start building your app!

There are a few prerequisites we want to make sure you have completed prior to installing the Buddyboss App plugin.

Good Wordpress environment housekeeping!

  1. Make sure you have your hosting in place.

  2. Make sure you have Wordpress Installed.

  3. Backup your site.

  • Backup your site! as good practice you should have a daily backup procedure in place. Either way make sure to take a manual backup so that you can revert back and just in case any big changes need to be made.

Once this is all done now we can move on to Downloading and installing the required plugins for your app.

Download Plugin(s)

The required plugin you will need to properly configure your app are;

  1. Buddyboss Platform (This is the engine under the hood of your App)

  2. Buddyboss Platform Pro (This provides advanced features for your App)

  3. Buddyboss App 

NOTE: If you already have the Platform and Platform Pro installed on your wordpress site then you only need to download the Buddyboss App.

You can download these plugins by visiting your account login in. You will be redirected to your dashboard where you will see the menu on the left with the Download option. Make sure you download the Current Build.


NOTE: If for any reason you need to redownload or download the latest build again you will notice when you select download for your required plugin you get the option of the last few releases.

Install Plugins

Now we have downloaded, we can go ahead and install the plugins. If this is your first time installing plugins or installing plugins from a .zip file follow these steps;

Navigate to your Wordpress Admin - Plugins then ‘Add New’ in the top left.

Then Select ‘Upload Plugin’

Then Select the plugin the Platform plugin;

And then select the ‘Activate button’ once the install is complete. If you are installing all three plugins you need to repeat this step one at a time.

You will now notice 2 menu options added to your Wordpress Admin 1. Buddyboss 2. Buddyboss App.

Connecting Your Buddyboss App

Last step is to now connect your Buddyboss App to your Wordpress site. This is done using license keys for security reasons. This is done in a couple of simple steps;

Step 1.

Navigate to your account again and login or select My Account in the top right corner which will redirect you back to your dashboard then select ‘Apps’ under ‘Subscriptions’.

Select Manage on the license you require, if you have purchased 1 license you will see only 1 App ID.

Step 2.

You Want to copy and paste the App ID and the App Key into your Wordpress Admin, Buddyboss App - Connect.

Once you have copied and pasted the information you can press ‘Connect’.

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