How to connect your Apple Developer Account

Step 1

Firstly you will need to navigate to Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Settings where you will find the option to connect your Apple Developer account.

Why do we need to connect your Apple Developer Account?

In order to create test builds, upload your Release Builds and even sync your in app purchases so that they can show in your app then we need to be able to send and receive data to and from your Apple account.

Step 2

Navigate to your Apple Connect Account, in order to do this then you would already have had to open an Apple Developer Account so be sure to complete that step first.

Step 3

Navigate to Users - Access - Keys 

Your Keys page unless you have already jumped ahead and already connected your app then this page should be empty with a button to request access… Press it!

Then accept the terms and submit.

Now you can ‘Generate a Key’ click it - a box will pop up ‘Generate API Key’.

  1. Give your key a name.

  2. Select App Manager Access.

This information is for your internal use so call it what you want.

Step 4

NOTE: You get one chance to download the Key File so download and put it somewhere safe. If you are using safari make sure your setting is set to download not open otherwise you will have to do this process again.

You will need to copy your Issuer ID and Key ID to paste into your Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Settings.

You will need to upload the file you downloaded and copy and paste the the ID Keys then click Connect.