Why Use Send Us Feedback?

This feature is specially designed for your valuable members. It will allow them to submit general feedback including text, attachments and device details, to be sent to a specified email address.

Configure Send Us Feedback

Set Up the Send Us Feedback Section

Go to BuddyBoss App - Settings - Feedback. The first option is Send Us Feedback and if you tick the box, from the app interface, users can go into Settings and tap Send Us Feedback to submit feedback. In this setting, enter the email address to send feedback in the Feedback Email box. If left empty the Administration Email Address from your WordPress settings will be used instead. Moreover, you can add the email subject line in the Email Subject field

Send Feedback from App and Get Email

In your mobile, navigate to the Settings of your BuddyBoss App. Now tap Send Us Feedback to submit feedback. You will see a Feedback box there, write anything you think about the mobile app. If you want to attach any image or video then click on the Upload Image or Video button and add your preferred file. Finally click the Send button. 

Now check the email that you have entered in the Send Us Feedback setting. It will show you the following information-

  • Message

  • Apple ID

  • Platform 

  • App Version

  • iOS Version

  • Device Model

  • Email Address of the user

Allowing users to provide feedback on your app is part of Apples requirements in publishing your app on their platform so we provide this option for you to activate.

The option is found within the app users setting.

This allows your users to provide feedback which are emailed to you about their experience on using your app.

To set this navigate: Buddyboss - Settings - Feedback.

  • Enable the ‘Send us Feedback’

  • Add your preferred feedback Email Address.

  • Then add your Feedback Subject (or leave the default)

Save settings.

Now you will be able to see this feedback option in your apps settings.