Generate New App Builds

How do we create builds for you?

When you create a build our build servers pull all your data from your Wordpress environment and compile to generate a file for you to install on your device if it is a test build or provide Apple & Google for release builds.

When creating new builds we automatically use the latest public version of the App, also if you have created any customisations we automatically look at your GitHub repository that you connect to pull in the custom code.

Creating Builds

Before creating builds, you must have followed and completed the setup in the Connect and Configure tab first, the menu is set up to flow in this way as to help you know what to complete first.

NOTE: There are separate tutorials and step by step videos on how to Connect your app and Configure your app

For iOS specifically there is 1 extra step to complete before being able to run test apps on your personal device and that is in Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Devices

You must add your iOS devices UDID which is the individual identification number that belongs to your device. Do not worry you don't have to go through the hassle of connecting to iTunes to get this. We provide you a QR code that extracts this for you and adds it. Apple do have a limit of how many devices you can register for testing and at the time of this document being created it is 100 devices. Also remember every time you add a new device you must create a new test build as the UDID of the devices are embedded in the test file.

NOTE: This is not necessary for testing on Android devices and can just install.


There are a few settings we recommend you complete first so that you get the best experience when running test builds and they are;

  • Add tabs to your app Tab Bar menu (Buddyboss App - Menu - Tab Bar)

  • Add links to your app More Menu (Buddyboss App - Menu - More Menu)

  • Add your Branding (Buddyboss App - Branding - images)

App Menus do not have to be correct straight away and can be moved and changed as you please during testing which will update on your phone without having to create any new builds.

NOTE: A couple of branding items such as app logo if changed later on will require new test or release builds once you are live so you definitely want to hone these options in during test stage if not before. 

Request Build

So let's say you have done and are happy with the above settings and want to just go ahead and generate your first build.

So lets navigate back to Buddyboss App - Builds. Click Request Build.


Select Platforms you want to create your build for and then select Build Type, you can create 2 builds at the same time! (Every month you have 20 builds to use, which resets every month, this should be more than enough to build test and release builds. In some certain cases if you run over this let us know and we can provide more if for a legitimate reason.)

Click Next and the following screen shows you all the information that will be included in the build.

Then Click ‘Send Build Request’ button, sit back and let our servers do the work, the builds can take anywhere between 15-30 mins depending on your app size and how busy our servers might be at the time by other customers creating builds…

You will be able to check on your builds manually by clicking on the ‘Recheck Status Now’ button.

Once your builds are complete you will find them on the Buddyboss App - Build page.

Remember when creating Release Builds all you are doing is creating the release app file, that still has to be given to Apple or Google, you can do this manually or you can use our publishing tool which is part of our service. The publishing tool lets us review your app first to make sure you have followed our steps, then we send it to Apple and Google on your behalf. 

We provide this service to maximize apps passing Apple and Google’s review and going live, and minimize Google and Apple rejections which would come down to incorrect setup with particular features or functions such as Moderation.

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