General App Configuration

There are many settings that you can configure when using the Buddyboss app, here i will go over the basic minimum configuration overview that lets you move on and start creating test builds, even release builds for Google and Apple stores. 

Firstly you need to make sure you have connected your Buddyboss App plugin to your account which verifies your license key, you can do this by navigating to your Wordpress environment Buddyboss App - Connect.

Configuration settings

Navigate to Buddyboss App - Configure - General. You will notice other tabs at the top for iOS settings and Android settings, they are settings individual to that platform, the settings in the General Tab hold settings that are common to both.

Make sure you fill out your App Name, this can be changed whenever you want but be aware everytime you change you will have to create a new build to publish to Apple and Google as this is where they get your name from to display! Plus when you start using Push Notifications this is also where the header name is retrieved from.

Minimum Build

Off the bat you will not utilize this. Once you start creating release builds then this can come into play, by selecting the latest release build as the minimum build your members will get a notification when next opening the app to force them to update to your latest build(s).

 FYI Make sure your latest build is live in Apple and Google first and then come back and set this!

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