Why Use Website Authentication in Your BuddyBoss Community?

When you are developing a website you might want to do this in a slightly more secure environment than setting a maintenance mode on your existing public site. As an owner it’s wise to keep your membership website hidden from the public user. In this situation the Website Authentication feature will help you a lot.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable Website Authentication to require visitors to enter a password to view your website. This is useful on sites that are not yet live, and on development or staging sites.

Traditional methods often block API access to the website, which will prevent the connected app from working. Our native solution restricts the website while still allowing your app to connect to the website’s APIs for testing purposes.

Configure Website Authentication

Step 1

Navigate to BuddyBoss App - Settings

Scroll down to find the Website Authentication option. Tick the box of Required Password. Here, you can see there are Website Password and Website Notice fields. Don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button.

Now, I am trying to access the website in Incognito Browser to act like a public user and this instruction appears.  

Let’s enter a wrong password and try to login. It’s displaying I have used incorrect password. 

After providing the right password, I successfully enter the website. 

Step 2

Now, I will try to change the existing password. Click on the eye icon from Website Password and you will see the current password. 

So, here you can see I have changed the Website Password and the Website Notice.

Again I try to login from Incognito browser and Voila, check out the notice I have changed a moment ago. 

This is how you can protect your website from public users when the site is not yet live, and on development or staging sites