Configure Member Connection Emails

Step 1

Navigate to BuddyBossComponents. Scroll down to find the Member Connections option. Click on the Activate button. Now, the members can send connection requests to each other.

Step 2

Open two different tabs in your browser. From the first tab, go to BuddyBoss and click Help.

Now, hit the BuddyBoss Platform documentation. Scroll down to find BuddyBoss Labs and click on it. 

Find out the option- BuddyBoss Emails

Here, you can explore how to change the design and content of the automated emails sent by the BuddyBoss Platform. Choose Email Tokens from there. 

As a website owner, you can edit the content of email notifications with these Email Tokens.  

Under Connection Tokens there will be two tokens, 

Note: Tokens can be wrapped in two {{ }} or three {{{ }}} curly braces. Tokens wrapped in three curly braces are not escaped on merging which is important for including certain content such as links. 

  1. From the second tab of your browser navigate to BuddyBossEmails. Here two email connection tokens are available.

For the easy navigation of the users, there are ready made email templates. You can find associated emails by using the search feature as you can see I searched ‘Connected’ and buddyboss finds any email templates associated with that word!

If you go down below you will find Plain Text Email Content as well.

  1. Users may delete all the texts or the format of the email template in terms of editing. Well, you can get back the email templates as they stay after newly installing BuddyBoss. To do so, go to ToolsRepair Community

Tick the Reset Emails option and hit the Repair Items button. That is all for setting your member connection emails.