Email Invite Emails Configuration

Why Use Invites Emails Feature in BuddyBoss Platform?

New members means more income in BuddyBoss community. Instead of sending email invites as an Admin it will be wise to allow your existing users to do so. There are Email templates with default Subject Line and Email Content. BuddyBoss is offering you to restrict the editing of these elements from your members. Let’s see how it will work.  

NOTE: Before we start if you are viewing as an admin you will not see any restrictions or changes as Admins have full rights and permissions. Please make sure you View As a non Admin member to view any system changes!

Configure Emails Invites Feature

  1. Navigate to BuddyBoss Components. Scroll down to find Email Invites. Click on the Activate button. You have just allowed members to send email invitations to non-members to join the network. 

From the left sidebar press on Emails. For the easy navigation of the users, there are ready made email templates. You can find associated emails by using the search feature as you can see I searched ‘An Invitation’ and BuddyBoss finds any email templates associated with that word!

If you click in the template you will see the Subject Line and Email Content. 

If you go down below you will find Plain Text Email Content as well.

  1. Now, under the Help tab, click on BuddyBoss Platform and jump to BuddyBoss Labs

There will be an option BuddyBoss Emails. Hit the Email Tokens.

Now you will get Invites Tokens- these are related to invites emails. These tokens are used to invite new members to join the website. You have just seen the entire template above. As a website owner, you can edit the content of email notifications with these Email Tokens.

  1. To enable the edit option, hit the Settings of Email Invites and tick the Email Subject and Email Content boxes. Don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button. 

Let’s see if your setting works or not. To do so go to your profile and click on the three dots. Then, procedure to Email Invites

Voila! You are now allowed to edit the subject line and content. 

  1. You may delete all the texts or the format of the email template in terms of editing. Well, you can get back the email templates as they stay after newly installing BuddyBoss. To do so, go to ToolsRepair Community

Tick the Reset Emails option and hit the Repair Items button. That is all for setting your member connection emails.