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Why Use Report Content Feature?

In your network people could post comments, photos, replies, documents and many more components which are disturbing to other members. With this feature, you can enable the members to report the post they don’t like in the community. This will filterize your group members and eliminate bad contents without any effort. Let’s see the way together. 

Configure Moderate Members Feature

  1. Go to BuddyBoss - Components - Moderation. Click on the Activate button to use this feature. Now hit the Settings of Moderation.

Here you will see two moderation areas- Member Moderation and Content Reporting. We will work on the second one. Let’s activate the content reporting for Activity of the community by ticking the Activity box. Here, you can set after how many reports the activity will be auto hidden. For example we have set the limit to 2 times. Don’t forget to press the Save Settings button.

Now, if you go to the network and click on the 3 dots of any post, you will see the Report Post button there. 

After clicking on it a popup will appear with a bunch of reporting categories- Harassment, Misinformation, Suspicious, and other options. To report the post you have to select any category and hit the Report button. 

  1. An amazing factor in Content Reporting is, you can change, delete and add categories in your community. And doing that is easier than you think. To do so, click on the Manage which is linked under Reporting Categories

See the existing Reporting Categories. 

Here, if you click on the Reported Content you will see every possible detail like- content owner, content type, reported time, etc. Adele’s post has been reported 2 times that’s why the post is automatically hidden. As an Admin, you have the authority to Unhide the post or Suspend the owner to take action against the member.

  1. Let’s get back to the Settings of Moderation. Tick the other content boxes (Activity Comments, Groups, Standalone Forums, etc.) to see how to report other options. 

If you want to get email notification after any content got hidden automatically then tick the Email Notification

  1. Administration should get notified when content has been automatically hidden. From the left sidebar press on Emails. For the easy navigation of the users, there are ready made email templates. You can find associated emails by using the search feature as you can see I searched ‘Hidden’ and BuddyBoss finds any email templates associated with that word!

If you click in the template you will see the Subject Line and Email Content. Go down below you will find Plain Text Email Content as well.

  1. Now, first report any comment that you don’t like. The process is the same like other reporting. Click on the 3 dots, Report Comment button will appear, hit on that as well.

Report Standalone Forum.

Report any group you feel is inappropriate. 

This procedure is the same for the other type of contents. 

  1. Do you want to deactivate the Moderation feature? Well, click on the Deactivation of Moderation. You will get this from where you have activated the feature (BuddyBoss- Component). Later on you will have a warning Notice. Because after deactivating Moderation all the suspension and block will be dismissed. 

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