Network Search, Global Search

Why Use the Network Search Feature?

Wouldn’t it be great, if your members can search everything in the network? Activating the Network Search component for the BuddyBoss Platform, allows you to search anything which includes the BuddyBoss social groups, members, pages, posts, forums, media, documents, custom post types and all the content posted by users. 

Configure Network Search

  1. Navigate to BuddyBoss - Components - Network Search. Click on the Activate button to use this feature. Now hit the Settings of Network Search.

Here, you will see- 

  • Network Search

  • Page and Posts Search

  • Autocomplete Settings

We will start from the third one. 

  1. Enable the Autocomplete option. So that, when you type search inputs you will get an autocomplete dropdown. You can also set the number of results you want to watch. Don’t forget to save the settings. 

Let’s check how it works. Go to your community and click on the search icon. 

Type anything you want, I have written ‘the’ and see its showing me the autocomplete dropdown with 5 results.

If you unselect the Autocomplete option and click on the Save Settings button. 

You won’t see the autocomplete dropdown anymore from now on. 

  1. After that tick on Select All to enable search for the whole network. 

There is also option for Page and Posts Search, enable that too. 

Lastly save the changes and you will now navigate to the posts, page or products which are existing in the community.