Personalize Your Emails

Why Customize Email Layout?

There are built-in email templates in BuddyBoss platform. But they are not matched with your community theme. To do so, you need to customize the layout of the professional looking emails that get sent out from BuddyBoss platform. You can add your brand logo, colors and even edit the email footer content. Let’s see how to do this.

Customize Email Layout

  1. Navigate to BuddyBoss - Emails - Customize Layout

This will now allow you to customize the outlook of your email. Click on the Header.  

Add your website logo by clicking on Select Image under Upload Logo

It will navigate you to the Media Library. You can also upload your image on the website. Select any image from here. Now press on Select button. 

If the image size is bigger than it will command you to crop the image. Resize the logo so that it looks good in the email template. Lastly, hit the Crop Image button. 

In the Header section, you can change- 

  • Site Title Color

  • Text Size

  • Recipient Color 

  • Recipient Text Size

After that, move on to the customization of Body. You can change- 

  • Email Background Color

  • Body Background Color

  • Body Border Color

  • Body Primary Text Color

  • Body Secondary Text Color

  • Body Text Size

  • Quote Background Color

  • Links and Buttons Color

Then optimize the Footer of your email. You can change the Footer Text, Footer Text Color, and Footer Text Size.  

If you have done with the customization, check how the email will look in Desktop, Tab or Mobile device with the icon at the left side below.

Lastly, hit the Publish button to use your customized email layout. 

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