Why Use Messaging Emails?

Private Messaging is a crucial component of BuddyBoss. It allows members to send private messages. Messages can be sent to a member or a group of members. Today in this tutorial you will learn how to configure all the emails that are sent out from Private Messages. 

Configure Messaging Emails

  1. Go to BuddyBoss - Components. Scroll down to find the Private Messaging option. 

  1. Now, navigate to the BuddyBoss - Help, click on BuddyBoss Platform. Scroll down below to get the BuddyBoss Labs

After clicking BuddyBoss Labs, there will be an option BuddyBoss Emails. Hit the Email Tokens.

Scroll down to get the Private Messaging Tokens. As a website owner, you can edit the content of email notifications with this Email Token. 

Every token has a particular situation. Like this one is when the recipient has received a private message. 

Let’s see the template which is dedicated to this token. From the left sidebar press on Emails. For the easy navigation of the users, there are ready made email templates. You can find associated emails by using the search feature. As you can see I searched with the subject of messaging email ‘New Message From’ and BuddyBoss found the email template associated with that word!

If you edit the template, the interface will look like below. There will be Plain Text Email Content of HTML if you go down for easy navigation. You can change the content and use the token references which are attached to that particular email. Before using the content of your email ensure its making proper sense and have the correct logic for the situation. 

Apart from checking out the templates, you can also go through the process of Customization of Email Layouts

  1. You may delete all the texts or the format of the email template in terms of editing. Well, you can get back the email templates as they stay after newly installing BuddyBoss. To do so, go to ToolsRepair Community

Tick the Reset Emails option and hit the Repair Items button. That is all for setting your Messaging Emails. 

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