Install Test Apps


So by now you have created test builds and now want to install this on your iOS and Android devices… This document is covering how you can accomplish this on both Android and iOS as they are slightly different procedures.

Android Devices

Installing your Android test build onto your Android device; navigate to Buddyboss App - Builds in your Wordpress dashboard, there you should see all your builds if you have already started creating them. Filter your builds to locate your latest Android Test Build as shown below.

Then select the blue button at the bottom of the build card labeled ‘Install on Android Device’, a pop up QR code will appear. Scan the QR and the test build will install on your device.

iOS Test Builds

Step 1 

First as mentioned you need to add your device(s) for testing which you can do by navigating to;

Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Devices.

You will notice in the image above the ‘Add New Device’ Button… Once you have added your device if it does not show up straight away use the ‘Refresh’ button next to the Add New Device button.

Step 2

Lets now add your device and go through the steps of what it looks like on an iOS device…

Give your device a name, you dont need to to state the model of the phone as this information gets picked up and shown once added.

Then you can use your camera/QR code scanner to scan this code.

Step 3

Download and install the Buddyboss Profile on your device allowing your device to run the test builds. Allow and then Close.

Then navigate to your devices Settings screen and you will see a profile waiting to be installed - Install the new Buddyboss profile.

Once you have followed these steps as seen in the image above you can then just close the last screen and then check your wordpress admin Buddyboss App - Configure - iOS Devices where you can close the QR pop up if you haven’t already and then click the Refresh button. You will now see your new device added.

Repeat this process for all other devices you would like to add.

If your colleague or stakeholder is on the other side of the world and would also like to run tests that's fine also. You can send them the QR code that pops up via a screenshot or photo and they can then go through the process in exactly the same way.

Please NOTE: If you have test builds already created and then you add devices to use for testing the old test builds will not work on the device, only new test builds created after adding a  device. So If you know in advance that you want to install test builds on multiple iOS devices then we recommend you setup all devices first then create a new test build.

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