Why Use Logo?

Just because we start our articles with a paragraph of 'why to use'... If why to use a Logo is not already obvious then here it is..! It is probably the most significant part of your company’s brand...! Now that's out of the way, BuddyBoss offers you to customize your logo in the desktop, mobile, website icon and even in the Sign In and Sign Up pages. Let's see how easy the adjustment is. 

Configure Logo of Your Community Website

  1. Go to BuddyBoss - Theme Options - Logo. Here you can change the Desktop, Mobile and Site Icon. Turn on Desktop Logo, click on Upload button. 

Select your desired logo from the media library or upload a new file. You can even change the Desktop Logo Size

To adjust your logo you can make some differences in the header of your website. Navigate to the Header section of Theme Options

Scroll down below to change the Header Height

  1. Now, just like the desktop, turn on Mobile Logo, click on Upload button. Select your desired logo from the media library or upload a new file. Adjust the Mobile Logo Size

Make your screen skinny and you will get the view of the mobile screen. It will look below-

  1. Site icon or favicon is also a crucial part for a company’s brand. You will get this option in the bottom of the logo section. Press the Appearance> Customize under Site Icon

It will lead you to the site customization. Click on the Site Identity

Hit on Select Site Icon and upload the favicon of your organization. 

Here, you will see the overview of that icon in your website. 

  1. We will now set the logo for Sign in and Sign up pages. To do so go to Login & Registration

Turn on Custom login/Register Screen. Upload the logo and change the Logo Width according to your preference. 

After that, you must allow non-members to register to your community. Navigate to BuddyBoss - Settings - Registration. Tick the Allow non-members to register to new accounts.  

If you go to sign in page the logo will be like- 

And in the sign up or registration page will be like- 

That is it, set your logo and you are good to go. 

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