Why Use Sidebars in Your Community?

In the BuddyBoss theme, customizing sidebars is easier than you might think. Basically, a sidebar in WordPress consists of the widgets utilized by WordPress themes to present additional information on the side of any page. In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage Sidebars in your BuddyBoss network. 

How to Configure Your Sidebars?

  1. Navigate to the BuddyBoss - Theme Options - Sidebars. In the first portion there are Blog Sidebar and Page Sidebar. You can put them in the left or right side with the button. But before using these options your page must have widgets. 

To do so, go to Appearance - Widgets. Click on the Blog Sidebar then in the plus (+) icon next to the Widgets

Type Members in the widget search bar and you will find the (BB) Members widget. Drag it to the Blog Sidebar. 

The widget will be set in the Blog Sidebar just like the image below. Lastly, don’t forget to click the Update button. 

Let’s see how it will look in the blog page of BuddyBoss, refresh your blog page. 

The same way add the (BB) Members widget in Members -> Directory section.

Check out the look in the Members page by reloading the page. 

As it’s on the right side, now we will place it on the left side with the button. Don’t miss out pressing the Save Changes button. 

After that, refresh the page again and see the changes. 

  1. Now we will use a different widget in the single member profile. Type Forum in the widgets search bar and select the (BB) Forum Recent Topics. Drag the widget in the Members -> Single Profile section. 

The outlook will be like the image below. Next, press the Update button. 

If you refresh the single member profile this widget will appear on the right by default. 

From the Theme Options - Sidebars, change the position using the button next to Member Profile Sidebar to Left. 

Well, here you can see the Forum widget is on the left side after refreshing. 

This is the way to use Sidebars in the BuddyBoss theme with navigation. The same way you can use the other sidebars like- Groups Directory Sidebar, Group Single Sidebar, Forums Sidebar, WooCommerce → Shop Sidebar, and more