Unable to find 'Theme Editor'... 

If you are unable to locate the 'Theme Editor' option within your Wordpress environment under Appearance this could be down to hosting providers blocking this on production sites, you can speak with your hosting provider to allow this for you or....

You can go to your file explorer / FTP and locate Your Domain > public_html > wp-config.php.

either download for editing or choose to edit this within your file explorer and then add:


/** Enable or Disbale Theme Editor option for WordPress */
define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', false);

Change from false to true to add or remove at will.

Once done click SaveRefresh your wordpress admin and your will now see the 'Theme Editor' under Appearance.

Note: Any modifications such as this are considered as custom work. Know more about our Support Policy: https://buddyboss.com/support-policy/