At the moment we do not support out of the box different pages for logged in and logged out members to be directed to when visiting your site.

We do support the option where logged in and logged out members can be redirected to different pages when clicking on your logo in desktop mode. Please see Header Logo Redirect.

Further to this you can use a 3rd party plugin to achieve different homepages for logged users on your site. This plugin is called Different Home for Logged In and Logged Out users. It’s a powerful and lightweight WordPress plugin that lets you set different homepages for your logged-in and logged-out users. With this plugin, you can boost user engagement by showing tailored content to your visitors and members. 

To learn more, visit the link below:

As it is a 3rd party plugin, we cannot guarantee support and compatibility as we have not fully tested it, but you are free to try it. Also please not that Wordpress plugins are not guaranteed to work in app.