Why Use Tab Bar Visibility in Your BuddyBoss App?

The Tab Bar Visibility feature in the BuddyBoss App allows for tailored user navigation by selectively displaying the tab bar on certain screens. It enhances focus and improves overall user experience by streamlining access to key app sections.

Configure Tab Bar Visibility

Navigate to BuddyBoss App - Menus. Under Tab Bar you will see the Tab Bar Visibility option. As you can see the Show on All Screens is selected. Don’t forget to press the Save Settings button. When it is enabled you will see the Tab Bar in every screen of your App.

Let’s check out your BuddyBoss App and see the Activity screen. We are clicking on a member’s name. 

Now we are navigating to the activities of this member. 

And there is another option called- Show on Tab Bar Menu. With this option your tab bar will not be shown in any other screen of your app. 

We are navigating to the same page after enabling Show on Tab Bar Menu. And check the tab bar is not there. 

Hope this Tab Bar Visibility in the BuddyBoss App enhances your user’s usability and navigation. Enjoy a streamlined and focused user experience from today.

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