Should you keep these on?

Yes. CDN caching reduces network latency by moving content closer to the user, thus reducing the distance that data travels. By offloading work to a CDN, caching can reduce network traffic and the load on the origin server.

Browser - A computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying and navigating between web pages.

Assets - Generally include hardware (e.g. servers and switches), software (e.g. mission critical applications and support systems), and confidential information. Assets should be protected from illicit access, use, disclosure, alteration, destruction, and/or theft, resulting in loss to the organization.

CDN Caching - A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, caches content (such as images, videos, or webpages) in proxy servers that are located closer to end users than origin servers. (A proxy server is a server that receives requests from clients and passes them along to other servers.)