Install Demo Content

Creating default data in your social network is helpful if you’ve just installed the BuddyBoss Platform, allowing you to test and play around with dummy information like default groups, forums, media, members and activity while you work on your site. Watch this tutorial to find out how you can easily create and delete a bunch of default data.

Configure Setup Default Data

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Components and activate all the components here. 

Now go to Tools and tick the box of MembersGroups, and Forums. Now click on the Import Selected Data button right below. With this you will have all the default data, you can now see how your BuddyBoss platform will look. 

To see the default data, let’s move to the Members Page. You will see some members, here we have added profile images and changed the name like we want. 

Let’s check out the Groups Page. You will see the same scenario. Like the Members Page, we have also changed the profile picture and name. 

In the same way, you will get a default Forums section. This feature is really convenient for new users. Now after checking out if you want to remove all the default data just click on the Clear Default Data in the same page where you have activated the Members, Groups, and Forums.