Required Registration Pages 

In this tutorial, we show you how to set up your registration pages in the BuddyBoss Platform, which will allow your users to register new accounts.

Configure Registration Pages

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Settings. And, Enable Registration to allow non-members to register new accounts.

Now, go to BuddyBoss - Pages

Scroll down to find the Registration Pages. 

Before setting the pages you need to create some pages. Move to Pages from the left side bar of your website. Now, hit the Add New button. 

We have added the description to show the demo look. Do the same for the Privacy and Policy page. 

Now you can select the designated pages for each option and then hit the Create Page button. After that press the Save Settings button.

If any non-member wants to Register or Sign Up he will see this page. In the bottom side there are two options: Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Let’s click on Terms of Service.

Here, how the popup will appear. 

And now check the Privacy and Policy.

And when activating the account the non-members will see this page. 

This is how you can use the Registration Pages.