Configure Profile Images

Select Profile Avatars- WordPress

Navigate to BuddyBoss - Settings - Profiles. Now jump to the Profile Images section. You will see two avatar options BuddyBoss and WordPress

Select whether to use the BuddyBoss or WordPress avatar systems. You can manage WordPress avatars in the Discussion settings. Allow the members to upload a profile avatar by ticking the Upload Avatar option. Enable cover images for member profiles. Here your selected cover images will be appeared for those users who haven’t yet upload any cover image. Don’t forget to click the Save Settings button.  

Under the Default Avatar let’s pick Identicon (Generated) avatar. Hit the Save Changes button. 

Reload the frontend of your Members page. See the Identicon avatars in the members avatar. 

Select Profile Avatars- BuddyBoss

If you now select the BuddyBoss avatar system there a Default Profile Avatar section will appear. Choose the first BuddyBoss avatar and don’t forget to click the Save Settings button.

Now, reload the frontend of your Members page. You will see the default BuddyBoss avatar. 

Select the Legacy avatar and hit the Save Settings button.

Again reload the frontend of the Members page. 

Select the Custom option and click the Upload button. 

A window will appear where you can select your desired avatar by click the Select your file button. 

Here you can customize image with Crop Photo button. 

Your desired Custom avatar will be uploaded successfully. Now don’t forget to the Save Settings button.

Reload the frontend of the Members page again. 

Set Profile Cover Image- Browser

Here, you can allow members to use gravatar for profile avatars by ticking the Enable Gravatars option. Now, enable cover images for member profiles under Profile Cover Images. You will get 3 options as Default Profile Cover Image. There are also options for customize your Cover Image Sizes in Width and Height

Let’s pick the BuddyBoss cover image. You can have the preview at the bottom of this setting. Right now we are watching the Browser preview. If you want to change the background color of the cover image then click on the Theme Options right below the preview section. 

This will lead you to the Colors - Theme Options of BuddyBoss. You will find the Cover Image Background Color option. We have selected a color here and click Save Changes button otherwise it won’t show up in the background. 

If you now select BuddyBoss cover image browser version you will see the preview of cover image background. 

Now, move to the frontend of BuddyBoss platform and select a member’s profile. For instance, we have selected Lennie Roberts profile. You can see the color you have chosen as the cover image background. 

We will now select the None profile cover image. You can see the browser preview as well. 

As usual if you reload the frontend of your member’s profile you can see the difference. 

Lastly we will choose the Custom version of profile cover image. Like the profile image you have to upload banner from your desktop. 

After reloading the frontend you can see the customized background here. 

Set Profile Cover Image- App

Let’s have a tour how the profile cover image looks in the app version. For that we choose the BuddyBoss profile cover image and you can see the preview. To change the app cover image background color click on the Colors option right below the preview. 

It will navigate to the BuddyBoss App - Branding - Colors. You will find the Cover Image Background option. We have changes the color like we do for browser and click the Save Settings button at the bottom of that page. 

After that, move to the backend of the Profile Images. If you refresh it then the color change will be visible in the preview section. 

Now will select the None profile cover image. You can see the app preview as well. 

Lastly we will choose the Custom version of profile cover image. Like the profile image you have to upload a banner from your desktop. Check the app preview.

Here is the full preview of app cover image background. 

Set Group Cover Image

Go to BuddyBoss - Settings - Groups - Group Images

Firstly enable Group Avatars so that the Default Group Avatars. Also enable the Group Cover Images and you will see the Default Group Cover Image. Let’s select the BuddyBoss Avatar and Group Cover Image. You will see the Browser preview. Lastly, don’t forget to click the Save Settings button.

Go to your Groups tab and see the differences you made. 

The settings of other options like Legacy and Custom are totally same as Profile Avatar and Cover Image. So the customization would be handy for anyone. Enjoy and let us know your blockers rightway without support team.